Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 9: From Ya'acov

2nd September 1987

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter of 01/09/87. I shall attempt to give you the answers to questions you raised, and I hope you will accept them.

(1) Deuteronomy 18. I can’t see how this was anything to do with Christ. How could it? At Acts 3:22-24, you’ll see that Samuel is referred to as a ‘prophet’. Deuteronomy 18 (presumably vv. 15 & 18!) says he (the prophet) will have Moses’ qualities but did Jesus have these? No! Did Jesus communicate directly with God? Again, no. Christ only taught the law which was in force. Come to think of it, if Christ said the law was to "time indefinite" and if it was Paul who abolished it or, should I say, argued it was no longer in force, how come you are not a "Paulian"?

(2) Isaiah 53. It’s highly unlikely this is to do with Christ. How could it! I should think that Isaiah was foretelling of the Jews being gassed at Auschwitz rather than Christ. I should think Christians have merely twisted the passage to suit their own ends!

(3) If Jesus was preaching peace to the people, how come he was vindictive (Matthew 10:34, John 18:23, Luke 19:27, John 11:39, and Matthew 23:33). Are you going to argue that it’ll be fulfilled by the pagan mythology of the "second coming"? You still haven’t proven that the Tanakh [the Hebrew Bible] backs a "second coming". So why did Christianity invent it!

(4) I don’t think Psalm 2 has anything specifically to do with Jesus. After all Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy refer to the nation of Israel as sons (children) of God. It is more likely to refer to King David. If Jesus was Messiah, how come Matthew and Luke give his genealogy as being the son of God, and God doesn’t come from any tribe! Isn’t this a failure on the part of all Christians? If Jesus is Messiah how come he didn’t fulfil this prophecy? Who had dominion over him? Answer, the Romans. Agreed? So I presume you’ll go back to the pagan myth and argue over the "second coming"!

(5) I can disregard Jesus as being anything to do with Zech. 12, because if he is purported to be the "Son of God", and God doesn’t come from any tribe, isn’t that being a bit hypocritical on the part of Christianity?

(6) One thing that Christianity will not accept is that Jesus Christ was an Essene, and a pupil of Rabbi Meir, therefore excluding him studying Kabbalah [rabbinic mystical teachings]. Most Jews, and anyone else who wishes to study, would know what the Tanakh [the Hebrew Bible] really says. On top of which our Scriptures usually have commentaries on what is really said to help us understand these difficult points.

(7) Again, if Jesus bought a girl back to life, according to Luke (or Mark), why was it done in secret, if Christ was Messiah surely it was for everyone?!

(8) After the destruction of the first temple the Levitical priesthood continued, then we had the Maccabean line, which disregards Jesus anyway. If not, prove otherwise!

(9) So far as Isaiah 7:14 goes, one can’t have a virgin birth, especially at that time. You tell me where in the Tanakh did virgins give birth and, if they did, why did God put men here! Do you not agree that it would go against God’s law?

(10) One, if not many of the points, in which Jesus failed can be found in Christianity. For example, why did he not stop wars (Isaiah 2:4)? Why did he not fulfil Jeremiah 31:33, 34? Why did he not rebuild the temple, and so on?

(11) If the Mosaic law requires animal blood to be offered up in the temple, where was human blood offered up, and why should Christ’s blood be any different to that of other men?

(12) If Christ was your answer to atone for sin, then explain why Christianity can commit crimes against God? Do you not accept Ecclesiastes 7:20 or Deuteronomy 24:16?

If I haven’t answered your questions properly, please accept my apologies. But I hope I have, and that you read this with clear understanding. I did my best to answer all your points and I look forward to your next letter, which no doubt will be soon.

Best wishes


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