Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 3: To Ya'acov

14th May 1987

Dear Mike,

Many thanks for your very long letter, and I hope you will accept the "abridged answers" which you asked for.

1. It is true that the Old Testament has many references to the coming of a "Messiah" but the point is that he hasn’t arrived yet. Isaiah 53 does not have any reference to Jesus or to anyone like him. As for Isaiah 7:14, and the "virgin birth" theory, one can disregard the matter because nowhere did virgins ever have children and, besides, what purpose would this serve? It would totally go against God’s law. Would you not agree?

2. It is true that the so-called second coming is totally non-messianic. Tell me where in the Old Testament it states that the Messiah will come, be executed and return a "second time". I haven’t met anyone yet who can prove it from the first 39 books of the Bible.

3. The same is true that is Jesus is Messiah (and there is plenty to show he wasn’t) how come Christians say he was "the Son of God", when Messiah had to come from the tribe of Judah via king David, and God doesn’t come from any tribe?

4. According to the Christians, man can only come to God for repentance via Christ, yet the Mosaic law was in force then, and it had to be animal sacrifices, and only in the temple. So where did the Sanhedrin offer up human sacrifices?

5. So far as the "trinity" goes, then explain Matthew 27:46; John 17:3; 20:17; Exodus 33:20 and 1 Cor. 11:3. I. The idea is certainly from Babylon! As for this word "Elohim". I disagree, because "Elohim" means "gods". Come to think of it, which god do you mean? If Christ did not abolish the law but Paul did, how come you don’t keep the law.

6. We can’t uphold the law to the full because we don’t have the temple, etc. My tape is a completely Jewish point of view of Christ and not, as you implied, only for myself. I don’t doubt your wisdom and understanding and I hope you haven’t found anything in what I wrote offensive. Maybe I’ll hear from you again.


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