Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 23: From Ya'acov

24rd March 1989

Dear Mike

Thank you for your letter of 23rd inst. I’ll try to answer your points, but whether you or anyone else accepts them is not for me to say. So far as the Eves Ha’divrot [Ten Commandments] go, I can be at least 99% certain of keeping ALL. This I can say without any blemish, but Judaism is not just these ten, but the other 603 Mitzvot of the Torah. This is why, today, civil legislation prevents us from upholding them all. I reject Paul’s teachings because, although he may have quoted the Tanakh [the Hebrew Bible] (which I accept without question) he had an awful problem with Hebrew and, as you know, he never spoke it and he incorporated a lot of Hellenistic teachings along with his writings, and he put forward such a good idea to the pagan gentiles that we end up with, guess what? CHRISTIANITY!

This brings me on to why John 14:6 is "guilty" of Avodah Zerah [idolatry]. Christianity condemns this, yet you read that you have to pray via Yeshua Ha’Natzori [Jesus the Nazarene] to get the father, why? Judaism prays direct to the father WITHOUT any mediator. Tell me why Christianity spends millions every year promoting Yeshua Ha’Natzori, yet knows full well the basis for answering why there hasn’t been the real messianic prophecies is based on John 14:3!

There isn’t one Christian today who upholds the ten commandments, why? Because of its practice of Avodah Zerah based on John 14:6. I can at least say that I totally reject pagan mythology and, judging by what Yeshua Ha’Natzori did, which is not recorded in the "New Testament", I am not guilty of believing in a false messiah, thereby confirming my faith in the only true God without a mediator.



P.S. read Vayikra [Leviticus] 19:1,2,3

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