Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 22: From Mike

23rd March 1989

Dear Ya’acov,

Thank you for your letter of 15th March.

When I mentioned in my last letter the importance of keeping the law, I was not so much thinking of civil legislation, as obedience to the moral precepts contained in the ten commandments. Do you keep those? Do you love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength? Are you free from covetousness? You say you reject Paul’s teachings, but the verses I presented were simply his quotations from the Tanakh [Old Testament]. Do you dismiss the Hebrew Scriptures because a man you disagree with happens to quote them?

I do not like to press you on the dilemma I presented in my last letter, but the issue is so vitally important; we must keep the ten commandments perfectly or incur the wrath of God, and yet no one does keep them perfectly. It is not sufficient to say you have not enough paper. Let me know how much you need and I’ll gladly send it. I do not think Judaism in any of its present forms has a satisfactory explanation. The answer does not have to be detailed. Surely the gracious God of Jewish Scripture does not provide an answer so complex that it is impossible to summarise in a few paragraphs.

I would be interested to know, also, what John 14:6 has to do with idolatry.

With best wishes,


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