Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 21: From Ya'acov

15the March 1989

Dear Mike

Thank you for your letter of 9/3/1989.

Firstly, the 613 Mitzvot [commandments] of the Dinim [Judges] are unable to be upheld to any great degree, why? Let us consider some. The penalty for adultery for those who are totally unrepentant is death by stoning. Can you imagine someone like me going to the city limits to stone someone to death and then arguing with a Judge that we stone that person according to biblical law? They would tell you that it was premeditated murder and then jail you for 25 years, or consider you insane and order you to be detained for indefinite period of time in an institution!

I totally reject Paul’s arguments, because he NEVER did understand the Hebrew scriptures, because he spoke GREEK. The problems today are that my ancestors went astray from the law, and so the Jews are in Galut. Unfortunately I can’t give you a direct answer from the Tanakh [the Hebrew Bible] because I haven’t got enough paper to give you a detailed answer to help you solve the problem.

Let me ask you a blunt question: Why did you turn aside from Yiddishkeit [Jewish culture] to commit the gravest sin of all, idol worship? How can I justify this accusation? See John 14:6.

I await your reply and I am NOT being vindictive in any way towards your religion.



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