Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 19: To Ya'acov

23rd February 1989

Dear Mike

Thank you for your letter of 20/02/1989.

Firstly, It is true that Man’s law prohibits me from upholding the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah. I do try to keep those that are humanly possible. If what you said regarding Acts 5:29 is true, how come that you and millions of other Christians DO NOT keep the law? Even your ‘Moshiach’ said that the ‘law was to time indefinite’, and we have this Greek called Paul, who couldn’t speak a word of Hebrew, arguing AGAINST the law, why?

What YOU fail to realise is that so-called ‘New Testament’ is worded to make it seem as though Jesus is Moshiach but, in reality, he wasn’t. The New Testament doesn’t recall what he actually did to warrant his execution. NO ONE was ever executed because he didn’t keep the law. I have read the New Testament and, I must admit, it is the best fairy tale I have ever read.

To answer your point about Jesus being a necromancer, try reading the book ‘Christianity in the Midrash and Talmud’ then you’ll see why so many Jews like myself do not believe in a false ‘Moshiach’. Anyway why should we believe in a ‘second coming’ as per John 14:3?

I can honestly say that my love for God is just as great as yours and I don’t need Joshua Ha’Natzori [Jesus the Nazarene] to bring me to that stage.

I’m sure that if you remained a Jew, and studied the real insight of the whole arguments regarding this claim, then you would see I can wholly justify my actions.

I am not, as you claimed, being prejudiced. The Torah doesn’t allow me to be, but I do re-emphasise that IF Yeshua [Jesus] Ha’Natzori [the Nazarene] was in fact ‘MOSHIACH’ I would believe his claim. But he wasn’t, so I don’t. It is as simple as that.



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