Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 17: From Ya'acov

23rd November 1988

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter. Agreed, I don’t follow superstitious teachings but, sadly, I do accept the Talmudic law. One can’t uphold the animal sacrifices due to "governmental laws of man". You fail to realise that it was Paul in the book of Romans (7:9) who said that we are no longer under law. Also the law had 613 commandments not just ten.

You also don’t accept that the law was in force at the time of Yeshu [Yimach Shemo Uzzikhrono, meaning, "May his name and memory be blotted out"] Ha’Natzori [the Nazarene] and nowhere was human blood ever offered up to atone for one’s sins. Of course we believe in the law of Moses but, for reasons earlier stated, it is impossible to keep.

I thought there was something odd about Christian teachings. Now I know! We can uphold our arguments on Yeshu Ha’Natzori. He was executed due to his practice of Necromancy, and leading Israel astray.

Sadly, the N.T. doesn’t tell you this. Why? Because the writers of N.T. had to write to make it look as though we had Moshiach. In fact, Paul went to the heathen for company and had trouble with the Hebrew scriptures. No Jew who spoke Hebrew believed him and, judging by the Talmud, we had every reason not to.

No doubt I have angered you by my comments but, there again, look at it this way, why should I, or any pious Jew, believe in a false Messiah?


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