Letters to Ya'acov

Letter 11: From Ya'acov

14th September 1987

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter and New Year card.

One can disregard Jesus as a prophet because he NEVER communicated directly with God which Moses did. It is true to say he was Rabbi but what Christians do NOT accept are the facts that he was an Essene, and he was a student of Rabbi Meir. The Jewish commentaries mention this fact in quite a number of instances. I am NOT 100% sure where. I am waiting for the commentaries to be sent. When I have them, I’ll advise you!

You have also failed to see one thing; Jer. 31:34, according to Christianity, hasn’t arrived yet. This is why the pagan myth of a second coming was invented! You tell me, how many people in the world recognise and worship the true God, and why didn’t Jesus accomplish this if he was Messiah! I also know that the law is to time indefinite (Matthew 5:18). The point is that the apostle Paul argued that "we are no longer under the law". If Jesus never abolished the law, but Paul did to the pagan Gentile Nations, how come the 613 commandments are NOT kept by Christians? (See Rom 6:15,16) so you can see my point can you not?

So far as your quotes from the Targum, Talmud, etc, all Jews accept the coming of a Messiah. Two things that would certainly disqualify Jesus are that Messiah is to be from the tribe of Judah. According to John 3:16 he is the ‘Son of God’, so if this be so and God is NOT from any tribe, surely this would disqualify Jesus from being "Messiah"?

I accept your points on the Talmud, but you must realise that if Jesus is Messiah how come the real prophecies have not yet been fulfilled, i.e. Daniel 7:13,14; Isaiah 2:4. True, Jesus may have suffered a terrible death, but for what reason? High treason against Rome. If he was guiltless why was he executed?

Psalm 110. This psalm, according to the Talmud, refers to King David who is referring to the father of the Jews, Abraham. It also refers back to Melchizedek (see Genesis 14:18). It also says "L’Adonai" so who was David’s master? I doubt if it was Jesus!

Going back to the commentaries you sent me, I would certainly accept to some degree what you said, which is why, today, I am rather inclined to go along with Chassidic teachings. We try and do what is supposed to have been done and therefore we please God himself!

One other thing which would certainly disqualify Jesus from being Messiah is that the Mosaic law was in force at that time so where was human blood offered up in the temple? Or, if he raised a girl from the dead (Luke 8), why was it done in secret when Messiah is for EVERYONE?

Here’s to the next letter.


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