Jews Who Believe In Jesus

"Christian missionaries prey on weak, vulnerable people"  (Rabbi Shmuel Arkush)

Can Jewish people really believe in Jesus? According to some, only the weak and inadequate turn to Him.

In these pages you will meet successful, intelligent, highly motivated Jewish people who looked at the evidence for Jesus and came to the conclusion that He is the Messiah of Israel.
Gil Alon
A young Israeli who was searching for Truth.
David Baron
Who was in great spiritual darkness until he saw the light.
David Block
Described by Patrick Moore as "one of the world's leading astronomers 
of the younger school".
Richard Ganz
A brilliant psychoanalyst who saw Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures.
Marie and Sheila Hyams
Two successful businesswomen who could not escape Jesus.
Eitan Kashtan
An Israeli soldier.
Joseph Steinberg
Who discovered that being Jewish is more than not believing in Jesus.
Stan Telchin
A successful Jewish businessman whose daughter challenged him 
to read the Hebrew Scriptures.
Jews on Jesus
What Jews say about Jesus

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