Letters to Ya'acov

In May 1987 Ya’acov, an Orthodox Jew, sent a C60 cassette to our Webmaster, a Gentile believer in Jesus, explaining ‘why the Jewish people rejected Jesus’. A correspondence began that has lasted until the present. Not all the letters are online yet but they will be added at regular intervals. Follow their debate week by week as Mike and Ya’acov hammer out the issues. For readers not familiar with Hebrew and Jewish terminology, explanations of terms appear in square brackets.

Letter 1 is the substance of Ya’acov’s cassette recording, expressing his basic objections to Christianity and Jesus:
Letter 1: To Mike
Errors of Christianity: The Trinity; The Cross; Easter; Christmas; Immortality of the Soul; Sex worship; Speaking in Tongues; Celibacy; Jesus not the Messiah; Jewish sects; Paul; Messianic texts; the Talmud.
Letter 2: To Ya'acov
Main points of Ya’acov’s letter: Isaiah 53; Second Coming; Paganism; The Trinity; Paul; Mediator; Sacrifice
Letter 3: To Mike
The Virgin birth; Second Coming; Son of God; Human Sacrifice; Trinity; Impossibility of keeping the Law.
Letter 4: To Ya'acov
Time of Messiah’s coming; the Virgin Birth; Son of God; Atonement.
Letter 5: To Mike
The so-called New Testament; Why don’t Christians keep the Law? Jesus’ blood; Virgin birth; Jesus an Essene; Unfulfilled prophecy.
Letter 6: To Ya'acov
The meaning of almah; The Second Coming; The Trinity; The Need for a Mediator and Sacrifice; Recognising the Messiah.
Letter 7: To Mike
Mike has failed to understand Ya’acov’s arguments.
Letter 8: To Ya'acov
The Second Advent implicit in the Tanakh; Jesus the Prophet like Moses; the Priest of the order of Melchizedek; Almah means Virgin; the Names of Messiah.
Letter 9: To Mike
Deuteronomy 18, Isaiah 53, Psalm 2, Zechariah 12 have nothing to do with Jesus.
Letter 10: To Ya'acov
Jesus the Prophet like Moses; Rabbinic comments on Isaiah 53; the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53.
Letter 11: To Mike
Jesus not a Prophet; the Talmud.
Letter 13: To Mike
New Testament is Pagan.
Letter 14: To Ya'acov
Examples of Occultism in Rabbinic Writings.
Letter 15: To Mike
Christians do not keep the Law; New Testament is pagan because of the Second Coming.
Letter 16: To Ya'acov
The Influence of the Talmud; Keeping the Law.
Letter 17: To Mike
Keeping the Law.
Letter 18: To Ya'acov
No Excuse for not keeping the Law; Ya’acov’s chutzpah.
Letter 19: To Mike
Why Jews cannot keep the Law; Jesus a Necromancer.
Letter 20: To Ya'acov
The Jewish dilemma.
Letter 21: To Mike
Why Jews cannot keep the Law; Paul ignorant of Hebrew.
Letter 22: To Ya'acov
The Jewish dilemma.
Letter 23: To Mike
Ya’acov keeps the Ten Commandments; Christians do not.
Letter 24: To Ya'acov
The Authority of Paul; the Necessity of a Mediator; Keeping the Law.
Letter 25: To Mike
The Authority of Paul; No Need for a Mediator; Mike an Idolater.
Letter 26: To Ya'acov
Request for evidence for Ya’acov’s assertions.

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