Eitan Kashtan

Staking All On Messiah

Nine years ago the phone rang in our house. The man on the other end of the line introduced himself as Paul: "Orit’s father has died", he said, "do you want us to bury him here?" The next day my wife Orit flew to the USA, where she spent a week. While there she discovered that her father, who left his family in Israel and became a gambler, had before his death joined a "religious group".

I was perplexed. He was an officer in the Israeli army and a chess champion. How could such a smart person believe in God?

Orit told me that the people among whom he had lived were very "special": "They are kind, humble and good. I never saw people like that". She asked if we could spend some time with them in the States so she could have the opportunity to learn more about what her father had come to believe.

"If they give us a place to live, a reasonable salary and a nice car, I don’t mind", I said.

Three months later we were in a mission school called Masters Mission, right in the middle of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The people there accepted us with open arms and we were soon impressed with their knowledge of the Bible and their commitment to practise their faith. But we held firm to the opinion that they were wasting their time and talents.

My wife and I proceeded to try and show these fine people that God did not exist and that Jesus was not the Messiah. We joined their Bible classes and read the Scriptures at home, trying to find contradictions. But, try as we may, we could not find any.

After nine months of intensive study, God drew my wife to himself. It took me another month because I resisted: I knew the gospel was truth, but I was not willing to repent and yield my life to the Lordship of Jesus. Then God in his grace broke into my heart too.

We eagerly wanted to return to Israel to tell others about the truth we had found and did so in 1990. We have since become members of Grace and Truth congregation and I now work with HaGefen Publishing. We are very grateful to the Lord for the privilege of being involved in Christian work and we thank God for accepting us sinners as His children.

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