Food for Thought

These articles have appeared in various publications published by Shalom Ministries.
Beyond Resonable Doubt
Did Jesus really rise from the Grave?
The Five-Minute Philosopher
Life, the Universe and Everything in just 300 seconds
Kermit the Frog on the Moon
Astonishing things you can find in the prophecies of Nostradamus, if you've half a mind
Gamaliel Saves the Day!
An ancient rabbi's challenge to the twenty-first century
It Takes a Jew to Solve this Irish Problem!
and the Middle East problem and the African problem and the English problem...
The Millennium Dollar Bash
It's about time we acknowledged the real meaning of the millennium
One Thousand Years BC
A remarkable prophecy in the book of Psalms
Would you Adam and Eve it?
Darwin's theory on trial

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