When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up

Jonathan Allen’s book When You Lie Down & When You Rise Up is a handy volume

of daily Messianic devotional thoughts based upon the parasha readings in B’resheet – Genesis.

This is a kind of Messianic Daily Bread, which takes you through Genesis via a verse a day from the seven aliyot reading in the weekly parasaha. The verse is presented first in English, then Hebrew and finally transliterated for those who can’t read Hebrew but may like to try pronouncing it in Hebrew.

The main part of the text is a Messianic devotional based on a selected verse which utilizes insights from traditional Jewish sources and Messianic insights from a New Testament perspective. Following on from the main text are further suggested passages to read and an application section.

This is a welcome addition to the genre of Messianic devotional books.

This is the first of five books to cover the five books of the Torah. 

When You Lie Down and When You Rise Up is available for £9.99 at elisheva publishing

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